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The air outside was warm today. It smells of rain and sap, the verge of summer. Woke earlier to the hum of a mower and drifted in sleep for a few hours, until ups delivered our new tv - the old one, the one I got from a friend, finally decided to die properly by adopting a strobe effect. The new one is fancy - super thin and it even does wifi. Hope it's worth the work.

Had black bean spaghetti with tilapia for dinner, with a salad and cinnamon tea. It was sufficiently spooky looking that I pretty much had to read Winter Tide over dinner. That book sucked me right back in. It's all that I love about Lovecraft's worlds without the racist or sexist parts. My only disappointment is that it briefly waved a hint of one of my favorite tropes under my nose then pulled it away, but then that's on me for jumping on it.

doesn't feel like only Friday. I miss having more structure.
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After a few blah days when life just wouldn't give me a break about it, I finally got a chance to sit down and work on my NaNo. Writing is magical, because even though I sat here for all of it I still don't have a clear idea how I wrote 6k words. But I did, and I'm much closer to actually being caught up.

It snowed today. The first snow of the season. It finally feels like November, like we can actually considering thanksgiving and stuff now. It's been very windy too, and the wind at night is like a lullaby.

Yesterday we had a new fridge delivered. Finally! Food that is cold, and a light to go with it! I'm so happy that I can have hot pockets on hand again.



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