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Uuuugh. Just ugh. I thought I was sick when I woke up on Saturday -
all my blankets were tossed aside, I couldn't breath and felt clammy all over. Wasn't sick - the weather had just decided it was time to be HOT and HUMID. For one wonderful week we had perfect warm weather and I fucking FORGOT that I currently live in MINNESOTA. I hate humidity, I just hate it - I hate being damp, I hate how it makes the heat so much, much worse. I hate not sleeping well, not breathing... Even Chai fussed at me about it, sat next to my desk and gave me the huge puppydog eyes, because once again my room has the least controlled climate in the house. At least I'm not alone in being miserable.

Admittedly it was less awful today, but doubly miserable because yesterday we went to dinner with my grandma and I guess I forgot about what happens when you have a solid meal after eating the bare minimum for so long. Had a hard time sleeping last night due to stomach cramps, and they're still there tonight. We'll probably have to cut back farther, so I just need to be more careful.

Time is being slippery today. So much to do and it's all so hard to keep track of.


anindigomind: screenshot of true-form Midna from Hyrule Warriors (Default)
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