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Halloween is crawling to an end and NaNo is looming ahead and I have no words for how tired I am. I am just exhausted and have been all day - got plenty of sleep, eating as well as i ever do, etc. Just... tired. And disappointed in myself because I had nothing in me to enjoy Halloween, my favoritest holiday.

It’s lonely here. My mom asked if I’d be available to hand out candy, like she doesn’t know that I know absolutely no one here and have no where to go. NaNo is going to be lonely too, because the local group sucks. Everyone is still there on the internet, but I miss being able to go places and just existing around other people.

I feel like the answer to 'whats up with you lately' has been nothing but a pity party for awhile now. I hate sounding like a pity party. I just want to enjoy stuff again.


anindigomind: screenshot of true-form Midna from Hyrule Warriors (Default)
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