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I did it. I'm caught up. It's been a wild couple of days getting to this point, but here I am. I think I proved something to myself - that I really can do this. I really can't write this much in a day, and it's not a struggle. Because while it took time, it wasn't that terrible a struggle - for the most part the words flowed. The characters lived and breathed.

I started yesterday at 7k behind and with prior appointments. I packed up and ended up typing away in the back corner of a Chuck E Cheese, which I believe tops my two previous contenders for Weirdest Place To Write - the dressing room of a hot yoga studio, and the middle of a psychic shop(with bonus chihuahua lap buddy.) My only internet connection was my phone, but how exactly do I pass up Sailor Moon themed sprints? I don't. I wrote like 3k there.

(Dinner was pho, because St Cloud has a place and the Red Robin STILL isn't open. They haven't even finished with the tyvek. Then we dropped by Barnes & Noble. I got two drinks at Starbucks because the tired barista made the wrong drink at first, and I don't turn down free caffeine/sugar.)

Today it snowed. Gentle little white flakes all day, gathering just a thin layer over the ground. I slept well and woke up before the dogs started nagging at me for once, though the muscles of my left chest are still sore. Wish I knew why. In the afternoon I sat down and gave myself over to writing sprints on Twitter - the NaNoHouseCup is another one. Nothing like fighting for the glory of Hufflepuff! I wrote another 7k, and really settled into who the characters were and what the world they lived in entailed.

Really what helped was reaching the point where I gave no more fucks. The realization, which I have to make anew every time, that I don't have to answer to anyone about anything. These characters had have the kind of relationship I want them to have. It doesn't have to be framed in a sexual way - it came be the sort of sweet and close interaction that I've always wanted from books. I can build whatever sort of world I want, change scenes when I feel like, and infodump to my heart's content - fuck the narrative police. They don't get to read it anyway.

At some point I realized that these characters now live beyond 50k words, that they live beyond a single story. It's more like 'The Ongoing Adventures', which is going to be musing.

I think, I've come to a point where I need to give up trying so hard. I just need to write, for me. No for the outline, not for the story, not for the market or for any audience. That hasn't been working. That's what I mean when I say I want to quit writing. I don't want to quit these worlds, these characters, playing with the elements of their mythology. I want to quit the stress and disappointment. The loneliness. How can I be so lonely, with so many people in my head?

It's time that I get some sleep.


NaNo Day 2

Nov. 2nd, 2015 06:07 pm
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I'm getting the hang of this writing thing again. It went more smoothly then I expected, and the story isn't rushing along as I feared. We're not even to the murder mystery part of it, though it's only partly a murder mystery at all. It's also an exploration of a worldsetting, a story of beauty and the beast, and a tale about coming home.

Advice - embrace detail. Adverbs are your friend. If you don't have the exact word for something then describe it. Use the closest word you have. (Maybe you'll find something even better that way.) Tell a story within the story - stories have power, for you and the reader and the characters within the story as well. Letting your characters tell each other stories is how you find out what the story you really want to tell is.

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I'm out of practice with writing. I had the vague idea to spend a few days writing shorts leading up to November, but I had that idea on like October 29th or something. It's been so long since I did any real writing - a year actually. Go figure. So it was a slow start. But I made word count so I can't really complain.

Advice - do not fear exposition or info dumps. Just get all that worldbuilding out there. Pretending you are a scholar of your world, writing the guides and histories. There is much editing between this first draft and publication so go all out. Embrace prologues.

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