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Just finished Dragon Age 2. I'm going to double down on that 'fuck off Anders' statement. I kind of wish I'd known to romance him the first time through because I don't think I can now. At least I can grasp why the hell Loghain did what he did.

Holy hell what a hot mess of a plot DA2 has. All the threads don't so much come together as stumble drunkenly into the same general area. Like, it's great - I love it. 10/10 - will play again. But OUCH.

That final battle though. That was badass. All of my companions, the living statues, Captain Crazypants? Awesome. Kudos to my companions for killing her while she strangled me.
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I get the game is attempting to set them up as opposing characters, but frankly? Anders is inexcusably mean to Fenris. Fenris is justified in not trusting Anders what with the whole POSSESSED BY A DEMON thing(plus all the manipulation and lying), however benign it actually works, and especially considering his history. But he still helps out(and don't tell me that characters can't refuse. *points to Isabela*) MEANWHILE, knowing each other for about six years, Anders persists in calling Fenris 'a wild beast' and is outright nasty to him based on... Fenris's reasonable distrust of mages? Jealousy, if we're talking romance routes? How... petty. Fenris is not blameless here, but maybe a saint to put up will that bullshit. Wait, let's talk romance - Hawke is a saint for not kicking Anders to the curb, no matter how useful, for calling a person they love a 'monster', 'wild beast', and 'savage.' Which - that last one? Takes on a nasty perspective with Fenris being both an elf and relatively dark skinned compared to the rest of the cast.

I love you Anders, but jeez - fuck off.


anindigomind: screenshot of true-form Midna from Hyrule Warriors (Default)
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