Jun. 18th, 2016

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 flower crown 1
flower crown 2flower crown 3
flower crown 4

I made a thing. Floral wire, floral tape, and four bunches of fake flowers from the dollar store - I followed wikihow’s instructions, but honestly I relied more on crafty instincts honed on a crafty childhood. 

I didn’t use any glue, though I should have - I was being lazy. I didn’t want to fuss around with that part - I just wanted it to come together. The flowers have thus far stayed together, but I might go back and glue them to be more durable. It’s surprisingly light and secure - I put it on and forget about it. It took about three-five hours? I was watching E3 streams so I didn’t really keep track. I used all the flowers I bought, though the final effect is a little over the top? Maybe fewer/smaller flowers next time, maybe some ribbon…

The light was very forgiving outside when I took these pictures. :p

The hard thing is that depression doesn’t stop me from existing, from wanting to create things. Every day lately has been a struggle - this? This is pretty much all I did that day, and while I did this my room went uncleaned. For a moment when I was done I felt happy, accomplished. But people see this and tell me ‘you aren’t really depressed if you can do that, so just be happy!’ and that’s not how it works? But then I don’t feel like sharing because being constantly invalidated is exhausting. But sometimes I have to try anyway? idk.


anindigomind: screenshot of true-form Midna from Hyrule Warriors (Default)
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