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This year I decided I’d make an effort with whittling down my TBR pile, and if you’re going to do that why not start with authors you enjoy? Especially since I actually have all my books in one place for one. (Nothing like having books 1, 2, 3, and 5 in a series.)

Anyway, getting to my point - did Late Eclipses just drag for anyone else? I have a hard time telling if it’s the book or my brain, and like it’s not a bad book at all. The hook is good, but I kept losing interest because it just took forever to get around to resolution and all that came in between felt pretty meaningless and... filler-y. The answers to the mysteries seemed really obvious to me and that just leached out the tension. The main character is confused and annoyed at all the people shuffling her back and forth and trying to murder her and I felt the same, and really all that kept me reading is the desire to get further into the series. Like three - four? - people only wanted to kill Toby because they have poor understandings of causation? Because it was convenient to throw a roadblock into the plot? idk.

Seanan's such a good writer I feel yucky about not 100% liking one of her books, even though I know that's silly.


anindigomind: screenshot of true-form Midna from Hyrule Warriors (Default)
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