Sep. 1st, 2017

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 SHOCK. I finished another anime, entirely in one week! My Hero Academia. I clicked 'play' because I've been feeling creatively drained since I finished a short story a week or so ago, and in the past consuming stories did the trick. and Heroaca? Has a dub. That helped immensely - my bad brain didn't have to focus on the words, I could look away from the screen and do other things while I watched. I've lost my knack for following japanese without subtitles. Anyho, Heroaca is just plain fun with an armature of real emotional beats. Shounen has perfected the optimistic hero by making him doubt, and it's nice to see the no-nonsense pacing of Attack on Titan applied to something with a more solid story.  Heroaca is also the closest I've seen any Shounen anime come to directly addressing disability as a main theme. I got sucked in immediately, and the first season flew by. I think I'll wait for the dub of season two to be out on hulu before I continue, though I'd love to jump in. I should only have to wait about a month though?

I'd like to watch another anime, but the combo of new, short, and dubbed seems to be pretty rare.

Lately I've been coming to terms with the need to downsize. It's hard to imagine downsizing enough to actually matter, but it still needs to be done. This week I ended up doing a bit of organization in my closet, which is where all my books are. It's a surprisingly soothing place, because it's cool-ish, dark, and smells of books. There was something lifting about pulling out books, with the knowledge that while they may be good books I'm not going to reread them and I don't need to carry them with me. To literally set aside the weight of them, and narrow down to what serves me, what matters to me. There are some that will be harder - I've a new complete set of Redwall books that I don't need, but Redwall is nestled close to my heart from long warm summers tinged with smoke. A safe place were things work out no matter how dark it got, full of food. The shelves of manga; and worse - the books unread. They are things of potential, that could hold life-shaking revelations. My next favorite could be hidden there, but wow there are so many unread. I wish I'd caught on sooner that I was struggling with reading. Some books though, I think I have homes for them.

In there I did end up reading Carol Bly's Letters from the Country. It's... bizarrely timely, with it's calls for impeaching a corrupt president and standing up for art and education and not holding back; and wow nothing has changed in 50-odd years. Rural Minnesota has all the same unpleasant traits it did then. It's a bit vindicating that no, I'm really not imagining how awful bits of this are.

I've been keeping on eye on the larger weather picture, as I do. I do miss having the weather channels to keep a constant feed in the background of my life. In other news, guess who just happens to be headed to Texas in a couple days, for completely non-weather reasons? Mmmhmmmm. No dogs on this roadtrip sadly. I wish I could take Chai, I'll miss him - I worry about my old boy. It's gonna be a long couple of weeks.


anindigomind: screenshot of true-form Midna from Hyrule Warriors (Default)
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